Monday, February 10, 2014

The Hundred

Last week I shared about my just-completed January challenge.  Today I thought I'd tell you about my just-begun February challenge.

This month, it's about a simple and effective way to "wake up" the core:  The Hundred.  It's a Pilates mat exercise that is usually part of the warm-up sequence of most Pilates classes, to prepare the core for additional work.  On its own, I find it's like a great game:  takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.

Here are a couple links to instructions for a modified version and the full version.  One or the other should be appropriate for most exercisers.  Just mind the safety precautions for protecting the neck and lower back, and consult the professional overseeing your goals if you're unsure about anything:

I'm doing at least one set every day.  And, interestingly enough, although the January challenge technically ended on the 31st, I'm still doing that activity as well.  Here's to an improved me!

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