Monday, January 27, 2014

Elastic Waistbands May Not Be Our Friends After All

Surprise, surprise, your pants don't fit!  Don't you hate that?  It's one thing to kind of know that your eating habits have strayed a bit off course of late; it's a whole other experience when your clothing proves it to you (thank you very much, unforgiving waistbands).

I know, I know - I exercise all the time and can probably eat anything I want, right?  Not so much!  Finding that balance between activity level and nutrition has been a beautiful thing, but, man, change one or the other too far or for too long, and you will know it.  Well, eventually you will.  I haven't worn these particular pants in a few weeks, so it has taken a little longer for me to get wise to the change.

See, that's where elastic waistbands, while comfortable, act like double-agents:  you think they're on your side (health and well-being), but they actually seduce you over to the dark side (yes, you can eat red meat and banana pudding practically every day).

So let's all take a moment to stop and appreciate all the clothes in our closets that give us direct feedback about our near past choices, and stand as beacons of hope, encouraging us to do the things we used to do that allowed us to wear the things we, until recently, wore.  She said as she munched her spring mix with tomato, yellow pepper, and avocado...

The uncooperative waistband.

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