Monday, October 7, 2013

Floor Craft

If you are a pro guy, and you competed in Pro-Am events at First Coast Classic this weekend, and you altered your path, adjusted your choreography, or in any way yielded space to the amateur men on the floor, this female teacher says:


For being gentlemen on the floor, for understanding that you can present your student well without mowing over someone else's, for giving those hard-working (hobbyist) male students a fighting chance, I appreciate you!

The irony is that the very guys I'm thanking probably did things so unconsciously, so automatically, with such an in-the-moment type of awareness that if you mentioned it to them later, they wouldn't even remember they had done it.

So it seems less appropriate to single out any specific favors towards my student and more correct to give a general nod of gratitude to all the pros who:  1) have developed the skill to look out for our guys, and 2) still believe it's the right thing to do.  I salute you!

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