Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nothing to do with Dance - OK, Maybe a Little

As fascinating as the world of dance is to me, I am fresh back from vacation, and all I really want to talk about is my trip!  So, to compromise, I thought I'd share how I like to credit my hours per week of dance and Zumba Fitness with giving me the cardiovascular strength to do exactly what I wanted to do out west.

I like living in Florida, but if you're looking for challenging hiking terrain, Go West, Any-Age Person!  Cool weather, crisp air, and clean skies - lovely hiking weather, right?  Now add elevation of a mile or more (at the trailhead), uphill climbs at steep grades, plus scrambling over rocks, and we Floridians end up with some challenged lungs!  (Oh, and did I mention that my husband isn't one to just saunter his way along the trail?  It's like he sees a checkered flag waving in the distance...)

I was mentally prepared to be hurtin' for certain, loving the experience, but paying the physical price nonetheless.  But you know what?  For a flat-terrain native, I did pretty well!  Which is not to say that I never got out of breath.  Trust me, there was heavy breathing involved, and I know my happy little core, glutes, and leg muscles were w-o-r-k-i-n-g.  Conversations on the uphill climbs were short, choppy, and winded.

But what struck me, quite noticeably, and what I'm using to gauge my success overall, was how rapidly I was able to recover (cardiovascular-ly) from the more strenuous climbing sections (usually within a minute), and how long it took me to fatigue (one day, we were hours on trails requiring climbing and a lot of uphill before I started to feel it).

I'm sure that adrenalin (exposure to heights = survival instinct kicks in) and euphoria (soooooooo excited to be out there, in such beautiful country) had a hand in my little personal success.  Still, I can compare this experience to past trips with activities requiring more than just a leisurely stroll, and I feel certain that my years of consistent weekly cardio - I probably average 2 hours of cardio, at least 5 days per week (a bit over and above the ACSM's daily recommendations, but that's my career for ya'...) - gave me the capacity and endurance to enjoy my vacation the way I wanted to.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it until someone proves me wrong...     ;) 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Floor Craft

If you are a pro guy, and you competed in Pro-Am events at First Coast Classic this weekend, and you altered your path, adjusted your choreography, or in any way yielded space to the amateur men on the floor, this female teacher says:


For being gentlemen on the floor, for understanding that you can present your student well without mowing over someone else's, for giving those hard-working (hobbyist) male students a fighting chance, I appreciate you!

The irony is that the very guys I'm thanking probably did things so unconsciously, so automatically, with such an in-the-moment type of awareness that if you mentioned it to them later, they wouldn't even remember they had done it.

So it seems less appropriate to single out any specific favors towards my student and more correct to give a general nod of gratitude to all the pros who:  1) have developed the skill to look out for our guys, and 2) still believe it's the right thing to do.  I salute you!