Friday, September 13, 2013

Dancing for a Cause

Meet Karl Schulze.  (He's the one holding the sign.)  Karl and I were recruited to participate in First Coast Dancing With the Stars. 

It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like:  local ballroom pros are paired up with local professionals (AKA Stars) who have no idea what they're actually getting themselves into.  These are successful, busy professionals who may border on work-a-holic.  And yet they carve out time from those busy schedules to learn, from scratch, many with no dance experience whatsoever, a choreographed dance number that they perform in front of an audience and judges in the hopes of winning the coveted mirror-ball trophy.

And, aside from the paperweight-to-be trophy, they let themselves get signed up for this gauntlet for one big reason:  a worthy cause.  This time around, it's Beaches Fine Arts Series, a non-profit organization that brings world-class artists to the First Coast area in concerts that are free to attend.  (There's more to them than that, so I encourage you to follow their link to get the full perspective.)

Our big event is coming up on Saturday, September 21st, at Boleros Cultural Arts Center, and as we near the end of this journey, I just want to shout out to Karl:  you have been, and continue to be, good-natured, fearless, and fun - and that is huge.  Thanks for taking this journey with me - I couldn't have asked for a better Star.  (I could have asked for one with more spare time, but I'd rather dance with you!)    ;)

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