Friday, February 3, 2012

Not-so-New Year's Resolutions - How Are They?

I have a student who is beating herself up a bit because she has "gotten off track" in her Zumba class attendance. She is probably a bit over-commited, activity wise, and is feeling the effects. That's from her mouth, not mine. I really don't like watching her be so frustrated with herself, because I think she's just wonderful.

When activities, commitments, and responsibilities start to crowd in on each other, our personal needs are some of the first to fly out the window. Meditative time, fitness classes, hobbies and crafts, that stack of magazines on the nightstand. They all tend to get ignored when our family, career, and social things pile up.

It's probably one of the reasons New Year's resolutions are so fleeting. The hope and promise of a New Year quickly gives way to the daily task list and appointment calendar of, frequently, other peoples' stuff disguised as our own stuff.

January has just vanished behind us. Startling, isn't it? I think now is a great time to give yourself the gift of one minute. One minute to assess what it was you started 2012 so determined to do. Where do you stand? Do you still want it? Is other peoples' stuff going to take precedence for the next 11 months also?

Take your wife out dancing. Go to that wine tasting. Schedule an hour to read something completely enjoyable. You get the idea.

One minute to check your status, reaffirm your intentions, and make that activity happen. A lifetime to be glad you did.

And remember, the ballroom is open for business!

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