Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 3 Pieces of Advice to Live the Best Life Ever

In keeping up with articles, blogs, bulletin boards, and the like in the dance and the fitness industries, I am confronted over and over again with generalizations, prognostications, and panaceas, and they are frequently at odds with each other.

Source A says one thing; source B refutes it. I see it amongst scientists, dance coaches, personal trainers, doctors...everyone has a study to support seemingly contradicting conclusions. What they have in common is the tendency to apply their conclusions to us as peoples instead of us as individuals.

Read all you want. Then find yourself a professional (doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach, whatever). Plan to consult with that professional for their expertise and guidance, but do your homework first. Go in educated. About what? All the stuff you're expecting to learn from them? Of course not. Go in educated about the one thing you know more about than anyone else on this planet: YOU.

Get help. But before you do, do the top three things that will help any professional guide you to positive results. In fact, if you've done them, you've probably found some areas of your life that are working fine without professional guidance.

What are those top three things we should all do to guide us through the maze of health/medical/wellness knowledge circulating today?


1. Know thyself.
2. Know thyself.
3. Know thyself.

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