Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Motivates Healthy Choices?

Greetings. Forgive my absence. Or don't. ;)
Either way, I have a question for you: if you already have a healthy lifestyle routine, what motivates you to stay on it? and if you don't, what would motivate you to stick with one?
I talk to a lot of people who share with me that they would like to lose weight. I get the feeling from many of them that what they are sharing is not a new thought. It's probably something they have tried and left and come back to time and again. It can seem like an endless battle.
And if you agree, I would suggest that therein lies the first hurdle to motivating someone to stick with any fitness program. If making health, weight management, general fitness, and overall well-being choices is treated as a battle, chore, nightmare, requirement, job, "to-do," burden, drudgery, "have to," etc. - can anyone really be motivated to do it long enough to feel it make a difference? If you're one of those rarities who just "sucks it up" and gets it done, this may not concern you right now. But for some of us, a little reprogramming might be beneficial.
Instead of telling ourselves "I really should get off of this couch," let's try thinking, "It feels good to get up and stretch!" Instead of "Gotta go to the gym," try "I can't wait to get movin' around!" Instead of "(Groan) I'll have to do like a million crunches to make up for that brownie," - which doesn't work by the way - try thinking "That dessert really satisfied my sweet tooth - I'm going to skip that 2:30 candy bar."
Choices. Health and well-being = moment-by-moment choices. Think positively about being healthy, and it's easier to make healthy choices.
But just in case I'm wrong, don't quote me on that! ;)

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